“fitting; right.”


“Abbreviated form of ‘gnarly’, means really fucking kick ass.”

“A shortened version of the word gnarly, meaning high on the scale of dangerousness and coolness.”

“Gnar is similiar to sick, it can mean awesome and cool, or just really disgusting and gross. Sometimes both. Pretty much the gnarliest word around. I dig it.”

Born in 2012, Proper Gnar is a female fronted streetwear brand focusing on skateboarding and femme power. Not happy with the selection for women when it came to streetwear, I set out to create hand drawn designs and bold statement pieces that can easily transform and keep you looking original, whether you are cruising the street on your board, hanging out with your friends, or having a night out on the town. I believe that many of the greatest inventions come from things people want or need for themselves, and that is exactly what I do when it comes to Proper Gnar: create clothes that I want to wear.

Always having a bit of a tomboy style, I began sewing my own clothes around the 6th grade. What time of mine wasn’t spent outside skateboarding or rollerblading, was spent inside sewing, drawing, and watching cartoons and runway shows. As I got older, booking local concerts and attending metal and punk shows became my thing. I never grew out of sewing and drawing though: my wardrobe began to consist of color-coordinated guys band tees cut to fit, and I designed shirts for several local bands.

After having my daughter and being stuck in dead-end jobs, I decided enough was enough and began to pursue my dreams. I took my tax return and got my first designs printed, and the rest has been history. This year, I have started in-house screen printing and experimenting with hand made pieces like skirts and dresses. This has opened up an entire new world for me, including exhibiting in my first fashion shows with RAW Columbus and Heart of it All Fashion. Although PG is made 100% in smalltown Ohio, since the beginning it has been proving that where you come from doesn’t define your future, who, or what you want to be.